10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (2023)

(Pocket-lint) - Attention all old car owners! You can’t get rid of your junk car without finding an auto junkyard near you. With quality and dependable salvage junk yards, you have got a chance to get the best value of the car parts without scrapping the warranty they are entitled to.

That’s not the only relief one gets by finding junk yards near you. One can get spare auto parts at a competitive price for the car or easily own a junkyard.

All in all, finding a salvage yard is a step toward saving a huge deal of money while buying junk auto parts or cars and getting the best value for your junk car. However, the hunt isn’t an easy one as a lot has to be kept in mind. Looking for a junkyard by me?


Well, the below ranking should help in finding the best junk yards near you. Enjoy the post and learn about the top 10 options. Meanwhile, have a look at the top 3 picks too:

1: USCarJunker Immediate cash against junk car or auto parts

2: USScrapYard Instant quote from verified buyers

3: Peddle Junkyard for all kinds of scrap vehicles

USCarJunker is an ideal place to be if you’re looking for an easy way to dump your junk car and get hassle-free cash. This auto junkyards partner is famous amongst the junk car community because of its assorted assistance.

Whether you need to find an auto salvage yard near you or need quick cash for the old car, it has got your back in every situation.

You actually don’t have to bring your car to the junkyard for the valuation. A video evaluation facility is offered. It’s such a relief as taking an old car to a Jonker near you can be a tedious task. No wonder why thousands of cars are evaluated through this salvage auto junkyard platform every month.

If you’ve got a junk car and wondering about salvage yards near you, it’s time that you try USCarJunker by calling (844)509-2399.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (1)


  • It accepts almost all the models. Whether you have a 90’s Mazda to 2000 ‘s Benz, it will accept it with the same vigor.
  • Its valuation is perhaps the best and most relevant in the market. It’s because it uses an AI-based junk car analysis technology that assesses the car’s worth as per the current industry scenario.
  • The service delivery is prompt and professional. All you need to do is call on the number and provide accurate details of the junk car.


  • Remote location accessibility isn’t good.

On-spot payment is waiting for you when you choose USCarJunker >>


Guaranteed offers, quick response, and no hidden fees are what you’re going to experience with USScrapYard. It has a wide network of junkyards across the US. This is why chances are very high that you’ll always find junkyards around me if you take the help of USScrapYard. You can get junk car removal services once you call them.

Once you accept the offer, the pick-up and related headaches are on the USScrapYard. There is no marketing gimmick in the offer. The quote you get involves everything. There is no hidden cost. You pay exactly the same amount you get in the quotation.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (2)


  • The company has a free pick-up and towing facility for its users through its partners, which is a game-changer as it’s tough for people to carry a junk car that isn’t functional anymore.
  • There is one more differentiating factor and it’s quick cash processing. Within 24-48 hours of offer acceptance, the cash will be in your bank account.
  • It’s very rare to get a lucrative offer for a car that is nothing but junk. But, you’ll have a guaranteed offer from USScrapYard. Don’t worry! It would be lucrative as well.
  • Valuation is done as per the current market condition, location, supply and demand, and quality of scrap parts of the car. As no aspect is left behind, you get the right worth.


  • Sometimes, you may have trouble finding junkyards in particular Zip codes

Scrap your car at zero hidden cost with USScrapYard >>


Peddle is more than a platform that will help you find car junk yards near you. It will help you learn about the art and science of selling/buying a junk car. If you’re someone who is new to this domain then this is a great place to be as it features an extensive knowledge base.

Referring to this knowledge base will help a newbie to get the best deal on a junk car. It’s a trusted place as more than 2 million junk cars have been sold or recycled so far in the US. Every month, over 11,000 people lay their faith in this junkyard. It’s because of the transparency and accuracy that they have maintained in the valuation process.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (3)


  • Its availability is massive as all 50 states are covered. So, there is a high chance of finding a suitable junkyard around you even if you’re at a remote location.
  • Even if you’re selling or dumping a junk car, one has to think carefully before closing a deal. Peddle understands this fact and holds the offer for 7 days.
  • It accepts a wide range of defects in the car. For instance, heavy dent, torn seat, non-functioning engine, and so on. So, you have a shot in every condition.


  • The live chat feature isn’t so much responding

Call today for a no-pressure offer from Peddle Junkyards >>


Salvage Parts is a wise choice to make when you need a one-time solution for selling or buying junk parts for cars, trucks, and bikes. It covers various leading junkyards in the US and Canada.

50 US states and 10 Canadian provinces are covered by this. So, you’ve easy hunting for wrecking yards near me. Its listing is very effective and everything is sorted by auto, motorcycle, and classic parts making it easy to find out what you’re looking for. Everything from evaluation to payment is flawless with this option.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (4)


  • Online payment processing is easy and quick. More than anything else, it’s utterly safe. The website is backed with military-grade encryption. So, you don’t have to be worried about any fraud or delay.
  • Its junkyard database is highly extensive and has accessibility to almost every junkyard USA and Canada. This makes it easy for you to find out a car junkyard near me.
  • The quotes are very real-time and relevant to the current market situation. It’s because the quotation is decided by paying attention to tons of things. Along with the car condition, part driving record, location, and accident history are also taken into consideration.


  • There is no lock-in period. This can force a customer to make a haste decision, which is not good.

U Pull It

U Pull It is an online directory that junk car owners can use to find out details about auto junk yards near you. You can enter the details of the location or pin code and get the nearest junkyard details.

You will be able to find out what services you’re going to avail yourself of that Jonker. The information provided is crisp and updated. This saves a huge deal of time and effort that one has to invest in finding a junkyard.

The U Pull it website provides details on the current market price and trends in the junk car industry. This makes you aware and helps you get the best deal. So, if you’re a first-time junk car buyer or seller then this assistance is going to be proved a real game-changer.

U Pull It

10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (5)


  • The directory is detailed and features every relevant information about the prospective junkyard
  • It also offers to sell the facility for scrap metal
  • It’s of its kind junkyards with inventory


  • The website doesn’t represent the junkyard solely. It won't guarantee the quality of the service that the junkyard is offering.


You can lay your faith on Pull-A-Part as this is an AI-driven way to find the junkyard around you. Its online junkyard directory is extensive and is refreshed/updated daily. This means, no outdated details are there to bother you.

The website puts a junkyard on its directory only if it passes the quality checks. Aspects like transparent policy, hassle-free processing, fast cash, and secure payments are checked thoroughly. This way, PullAPart provides the most dependable assistance when one is trying to find out ‘junkyards around me’.

If searching for junkyards near me that sell parts, Pull-A-Part is the right pick.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (6)


  • Any minor change in the modus operandi of the junkyard will be at your notice as the list is updated.
  • There is a VIP Club to join. The VIP Club members get free quotes, free towing, and a fast cash facility. To make the offering more lucrative, it also offers an extended warranty to VIP Club members.
  • There is detailed video assistance offered to new junk car buyers or sellers that explain what should be kept in mind while dealing with a junk car.


  • If you want to buy or sell cart parts, it’s a must to bring your own tools. Otherwise, your trip will be wasted.


DamagedCars claim to get a free quote for a damaged car within 90 seconds once you forward the car details to them. We were tempted with the claim and thought of checking its verity.

To our surprise, it happened as claimed. Hence, if you’re in a hurry to dispose of a junk car then there is no place better than DamagedCars. As it’s been in the industry for the past 10 years, it’s worthy of your trust and time.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (7)


  • The customers of DamagedCars are eligible to avail of free nationwide pick-up and towing. No matter in which corner of the US you’re, they will get your car.
  • It offers a fair market quotation
  • Quick processing is a strong point. Most of the deals are closed within 24-48 hours


  • There is no live chat support system.


Whether you want to scrap an old car or want to get rid of a damaged car that is causing insurance trouble, USJunkYard is the best bet you’ve today.

Users of such cars will have a chance to turn a junk car into money with USJunkYard just by providing the car details and asking for a quote. Don’t worry!

The quote that you’ll get with USJunkYard would be the most competitive one as experts are deciding the cost of the price after paying attention to tons of things. The site has partnered with various trusted junkyards, so you have nothing to get tensed about.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (8)


  • The website interface is very pleasing and it’s very easy to use. All the detailed assistance related to finding an auto junkyard near me or selling a junk car is offered. Useful widgets are there.
  • It accepts cars in any condition. You can make a deal on junkers, junk cars, damaged cars, unwanted cars, totalled cars, and end-of-life vehicles here.
  • It covers the towing and title cost. So, you’ve nothing to worry about.


  • Certain locations are not covered. Even if the website claims to cover them, we didn’t get a response from remote location Jonkers.

Free quote and towing are possible through USJunkYard>>


Say goodbye to your old and junk car in no time with USSalvageYards. By offering detailed comparisons and competitive quotes, this junkyard finder will help you get rid of old cars quickly and swiftly. There are facilities to filter the search results as per your locality and car details.

In fact, if you have an estimated cost idea for your junk car, you can ask for a quote rise as well. However, you must have reasons to back this claim.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (9)


  • With this option, you get obligation-free quotes in a fraction of a second. You’re not bound to accept the quote or feel feared to ask for a raise. The representatives are all ears to your concerns and try their best to offer the best assistance.
  • Instant cash for car facility is offered. Once the quote is accepted, the payment is initiated immediately.
  • Free towing and pick-up facility is provided to the customers. This makes a huge difference as moving a junk car is a task in itself.


  • There are no details provided about the payment means accepted. There should be a bit more clarity in this part.

Squeeze cash out of your junk car via USSalvageYards now>>


JunkYardNearMe provides map-based or geo-tagged assistance to find out the nearest junkyard in your locality. The website has a Google map with location tagging that makes junkyard finding easier than ever.

You can zoom the map and find out exactly how far is the Jonker from your real-time location. This feature is missing in the rest of the options. Hence, it’s a difference-maker for JunkYardNearMe.


10 Best ways to find junkyards and salvage yards near me (10)


  • Its service is available for everyone including the public, car insurance companies, liquidated businesses, and auto auctions.
  • It can help you find out fraudster junkyard
  • Updated information


  • No responsive customer care support to answer your queries and questions


Q1: How can I know when the tow truck will come?

It’s easy. Once you accept the quote that you get from a salvage auto junkyard and verify it, the junkyard will contact you. They will have a detailed discussion on your availability, location, and time for the pick-up. Once all the details are fixed, the two trucks will reach your doorstep as per the schedule. In most cases, telephonic confirmation is required for picking up the car. Some salvage junk yards can use emails for correspondence as well. So, we suggest you answer your phone and check your emails.

Q2: What if I missed the scheduled time?

In case you’ve missed the scheduled time for the pick-up then you need to contact the junkyard to reschedule it again. However, some might charge for rescheduling the pick-up as it consumes time and effort. It’s better to cross-check with the junkyard about the pick-up rescheduling policy. This should be checked beforehand to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Q3: Can you pick up my vehicle in a garage?

Of course, it’s possible to pick up a car from the garage or anywhere else if the junkyard you’ve decided to sell your car through a junkyard or junk yard partner offering this facility. Generally, most salvage junk yards offer this facility. But, it’s not certain with every option. So, make sure you make the fact clear that the car will be picked up from the garage at the beginning of the deal.

Q4: How can I sell my salvage cars to a junkyard?

Selling a salvage car for cash is easy, provided you’re doing things correctly. The very first step to take is to make sure that you’ve secured the title. In case you’ve misplaced the title, you can easily obtain it from the DMV or BMV office of your state. Next, you need to create a crisp overview or description of the car. Make sure you don’t hide things and mention the faults as they are.

You must get quotes from multiple junkyards or find reliable junkers near me so that you get the best price. Compare the quotes and pick the best one. Prepare the car for pick-up by removing the belongings.

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