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  • 2 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

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    Long pants, closed-toe shoes & valid drivers licenserequried for demo rides. Helmets provided.

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    AND JUNE 15

    Rick Mercer of CBCs The Rick Mercer Report admires Greg Yerex ofPort Dovers vintage 1940 Indian Scout motor-cycle at the Friday the13th event last September.

    Rick Mercer is well-known for his CBC TV show The Rick MercerRe-port. Rick is also a motor-cycle enthusiast and rode into PortDover on Friday, September 13th, 2013 -- rid-ing the 13 kms fromneigh-bouring Jarvis.

    Naturally, his presence with a camera crew cre-ated a lot ofbuzz and ex-citement. The founder of Friday the 13th event, ChrisSimons, and his wife Mary Kushneryk accompanied the TV star intotown. Of course, not far behind was a van loaded with cameras, aproducer, crew and locals Sam Druff and Al McMil-lan.

    Rick Mercer, who was born in 1969, proudly an-nounced he got hismotor-cycle licence at age 16. The bike (borrowed from Brant-fordsMarks Motorsports) that he rode along Port Do-ver streets wasequipped with a video cam. People gathered around wherever thetelevision star went.

    He admired Greg Yerexs vintage 1940 Indian Scout bike. He tooktime to inter-view and tease The Thong Man who is a Port Doverregular every Friday the 13th (rain or shine). TV producer JohnMarshall arranged for Rick to meet Elaina Pring of On The Fringestore where they chatted about biker fash-ions, actually clowningaround with a mans black top hat on display.

    At lunchtime he used Lighthouse Festival The-atre as a stagingspot, en-joying a take-out lunch from Jasmines Foodery. Throughoutthe visit lots of people chatted on the street with the well-knownceleb-rity and he posed for pho-tos. The TV host watchedmotorcyclists burn some rubber and referred to it as rubbernation.

    The Port Dover seg-ment was on the premiere episode of the fallseason, shown Canada-wide on The Rick Mercer Report.

    Rick Mercer on a rooftop overlooking Main Street.

    Rick interviews owner Elaina Pring at On The Fringe.

    Rick Mercer Report at Friday the 13th

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  • 4 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    Port Dovers Friday the 13th had its beginning in 1981. It beganinnocently enough on a November day, now almost 33 years ago.

    The story goes that Chris Simons suggested to a few motorcyclebuddies that they meet for a few beers at the Commercial Hotel(today known as Angelos of Dover).

    Word spread about the get-together so that Friday evening onNovember 13, 1981 about 25 guys showed up. They had a great timeand someone suggested lets meet every month when there is a Fridaythe 13th. More came to party in Port Dover on the next Friday the13th. And, as they say, the rest is history.

    This event in June 2014 marks the 57th event over a span of 33years since that first casual and friendly meeting in November1981.

    If we go back ten years earlier to 1971 when George Simons gavehis son Chris a Rupp minibike it is hard to imagine that the giftwould be the be-ginning of a life-long passion for bikes and leadto an event like Friday the 13th in Port Dover.

    Since that Rupp machine, Chris Simons has owned manymotorcycles. He knows bikes inside out and front to

    back. At one time he operated a well-known bikeshop in PortDover called Bikers Delight.

    This Junes, Friday the 13th is the 57th Biker Day in Port Dover.It is fol-lowed by three events next year in 2015 -- however, theyall fall in the less popu-lar riding months of February, March andNovember.

    First Friday the 13th was November 13, 1981

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)


    Chris Simons looks at bikes on Main Street during Friday the13th in December 2002.

    Crowd estimates at Friday the 13th todayFriday the 13th in PortDover has grown

    greatly over the years since that first get-together in 1981.Police now estimate that crowds of over 100,000 people attendFriday the 13th in the good weather. Thousands of bikes visit thetown.

    It is expected upwards of 300 vendors will be sellingmerchandise and food in a number of locations. This isco-ordinat-ed with Norfolk County licencing dept. which issuespermits to operate from 6:00 Thursday evening until Fridayevening.

    The vendors with designated space in downtown Powell Park, andthose located on Harbour Street are the responsibility

    of Port Dover Kinsmen Club.Vendors located on the downtown

    parking lot behind Elmer Lewis Parkette (beside Giant Tigerstore) and those on Chapman Street west at Main St. intersec-tion(traffic lights) are the responsibility of Port Dover Board ofTrade.

    Those two local service organizations support all sorts ofcharitable and com-munity projects throughout the year.

    There are even many more permitted vendors on private property.Most of Port Dovers merchants are open to serve visi-torsthroughout the day... they too look forward to patronage on Fridaythe 13th.

    Send usyour commentsabout the day





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    When youre enjoying your new Victory motorcycle, always wear ahelmet and protective eyewear and clothing and insist that yourpassenger do the same. Ride within the limits of the law and yourown abilities. Read and understand your owners manual. Never rideunder the influence of drugs or alcohol. Victory Motorcyclesstrongly recommends that all riders take a Motorcycle SafetyFoundation Rider Course. For a course near you, call1-800-446-9227. Protect riders rights by joining the AmericanMotorcyclist Association. For the name of your nearest Victorydealership, call the Victory Motorcycles hotline at 877-737-7172 orvisit our website at VictoryMotorcycles.com. All Riders picturedare professionals and on closed courses. To the best knowledge ofPolaris Industries Inc., the specifications, descriptions andillustrative material contained herein are accurate. PolarisIndustries Inc.reserves the right, without prior notice, todiscontinue at any time and at its discretion any of the itemsherein or change speci-fications or designs without incurring anyobligation to the customer. All items are subject to availabilityand prior sales by our dealers. Victory is a division of PolarisIndustries Inc.




    4325 Harvester Rd., Unit #12Burlington, ON L7L 5M4


    By Brent Storm Wakeford

    IT WAS JUNE OF 86 when a few of the guys I rode with, caughtword of a Bikers Pub Nite in the lakeside commu-nity of Port Dover,Ontario.

    We heard the story of a group of riding brothers that had beengathering every Friday the 13th for the past few years, to catch upwith a few cold ones. It was billed as a Biker Only evening at asmall town bar. Till that day, Dover did not even exist to manybikers from Da Hammer,

    let alone across North America. We were a ratty crew inthose

    days, torn denim jeans, leather cuts with patches, chain drivewallets, Bowie knives & ban-dannas. Our bikes sometimes wereheld together with bailing wire and band-aids, so to speak. Moneywas tight and if you were one of the lucky ones to even own aHarley, you did your own repairs, customizing and kept it runningon the cheap.

    Those were the days of very limited custom parts, flashy paintjobs or accessorizing, unless done out of your own garage or shed.We worked long and hard for our money and most of it went to dailysurvival, not luxuries.

    But when the weekend came, we wrenched and rode and loved thelifestyle. We wrote our own code and rules and like a fraternity ofbrothers, we stuck together and had each others back. A brothersbike break-

    down would find a dozen guys crammed into a smoke-filled garagedoing a fix to get you back into the wind.

    Most evenings and weekends, we rode local and frequented thebars after a hard fast ride to blow the work week cobwebs out. Whenword of this out-of-town event came down the pipe, we jumped on it.These were the days of only home phones, no cells, e-mails,internet postings on facebook or tweets about an upcoming event.You either heard of it through the grape-vine or from a poster atthe bike shop.

    We arrived in Dover in the early evening to find fifty to ahundred bikes parked in front of a local watering hole on MainStreet. There were no vendors for food and merchandising. Many ofthe riders were congre-gating out front socializing as the townfolk stood gathered a few blocks away in awe or fear.

    Friday the 13th back in 1986THE LEGEND

    Media leading up to that era had painted all bikers as gangmembers rolling into small towns to rape and pillage, so it wasevident, our presence was in question.

    We kept to ourselves, drank at the bar and occasionally an overzealous rider would do a wheelie or burn-out in front of thecheering crowd. We were in hog heaven on earth.

    For the following 28 years I have continued to make the

    ride to Dover for the traditional Friday the 13th gathering ofour clan. Along the way, our group has gotten smaller, laying manyof my riding brethren to rest, but with that, our community hasgrown enormously and I have gained new riding broth-ers and nowsisters to share in a lifestyle. Although I have given up the coldones, I still come for the tradition, the comradery, and the lookof awe on so many faces.

  • 6 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    There are a number of lively entertainment beer garden stages inPort Dover on Thursday evening and Friday and lots of music youwont want to miss.

    Budweiser Main StageOn Thursday, The Bud-

    weiser Main Stage on the Erie Beach Hotel parking lot (corner ofMain and Walker Streets) has music from 7 p.m. until 12:30 with twogreat bands. Sponsors are Port Dover Board of Trade and Port DoverMi-nor Hockey. Enjoy the mu-sic of After the Lounge and of DryCounty.

    That will be just a warm-up for Friday when Purdy Durvertsentertains from 11 a.m. until 12:30; from 1 p.m. until 3 the groupCrued (Motley Crue Trib-ute); from 3:30 p.m. to 5 is Vagablond;5:30 to 7 is Af-ter the Lounge; 7:30 to 9:30 is Wednesdays Engine;10 to 12:30 will be the always popular Dry County.

    Molson Main StageOn Thursday, the Mol-

    son Main Stage sponsored by Port Dover Kinsmen and located onHarbour St. be-side the Harbour Museum features four bands open-ingwith The Mushy Peez from 11 a.m. to 2:15; at 2:45 the Delta Shakersare on stage until 6:00; from 6:30 to 9:30 its the Practically Hip(a Tragically Hip Tribute Band); from 10 to close will be thelegendary Bill Durst.

    On Friday, Molson Stage opens with The Mushy Peez from 11 until2:15; from 2:45 to 6 will be Skinny Leonard (a tribute to LynyrdSky-nryd); from 6:30 to 9:30 is Green River Revival (trib-ute toCCR); the finale band will be Thunderstruck from 10 to close.

    Lions beer gardenPort Dover Lions Clubs

    beer garden stage, located on Market Street at the Main St.intersection be-side the town clock tower,

    will be open on Friday only. It will feature Bad to the Bone --a tribute band to George Thorogood.

    The music will get un-derway at 11:30 a.m. with Waterlineplaying live until 3; followed by Twisted Sis-ter from 3:00 to 7;then Bad to the Bone until closing.

    Port Dover LegionPort Dover Royal Ca-

    nadian Legion on Market Street east will feature special eventsthroughout Friday the 13th. Thursday features a chicken dinner from5 to 7 p.m. followed by Hog Wild live from 8 p.m. to midnight.

    On Saturday, there is an open house all day; pickerel dinnerfrom 2 to 5 p.m. and Hog Wild performing from 2 to 6 p.m.

    Dover pubs and restaurants

    All of Port Dovers pubs and restaurants are open and ready toserve. The

    long-standing traditional beer tents with live music will beopen again at An-gelos of Dover and Nor-folk Tavern both on MainStreet.

    The music line-up at The

    Norfolk Tavern is Thurs-day 7:30 to 10 p.m. The Heal-ers; 10:30to close The What-ever Device. On Friday at The Norfolk from 11:30to 2 is Thee Hours; 2:30 to 5 p.m. The Felicia McMinn Band;

    5:30 to 8 is Knee Deep; 8:30 to 11 is Detour; 11:30 to close isDone Deel.

    Erie Masonic Lodge at Main and Nelson Streets also operates abeer garden but without live music.

    Live music all over town

    The Budweiser Main Stage, shown above, on Walker Street at MainStreet is one of the several popular beer tents with live music setup by local organizations for Friday the 13th.

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    Welcome toFriday the 13th in Port Dover

    Upcoming 13ths

    find us at www.facebook.com/Fridaythe13thPortDover

    live streaming atwww.ustream.tv/channel/Main-Street-Port-Dover

    351 Main StreetPO Box 70Port Dover ON N0A 1N0Tel:[emailprotected]

    Lynn SonnenbergPublication Coordinator

    We welcome your comments about Friday the 13th and Port Dover ingeneral!

    Published by Maple Leaf PublishingPaul Morris, PublisherStanMorris, Editor

    Live Streaming

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    Black Hawks Motorcycle Club keep Highway 6 looking good

    The Black Hawks Motorcycle Club was established in 1938 makingit one of the oldest mo-torcycle clubs in Canada. Back in 2009,club members decided to adopt a portion of Highway 6 just outsideof Port Dover as a way of thanking residents for the enjoyment clubmembers receive visiting the community. Black Hawk members clean upgarbage along the highway a couple of times a year and arerecognized by a sign.As a fundraiser for their work, The BlackHawks hold a Show n Shine at Bobbys Bar and Grill on HomesteadDrive in Mount Hope on Sunday, September 28th from 1 to 4 p.m. Thisis the 11th annual event and offers prizes, awards and a 50-50draw. More information at www.blackhawksmc.ca or[emailprotected]

    Welcome to Port Dover for the fifty-seventh consecutive Fridaythe 13th.

    Now in its thirty-third year, this event just keeps gettingbetter. The number of people attending keeps growing.

    The community groups that are the organizers keep working hardto make the day successful and help their various causes. We haveYOU to thank for that. For that we salute you. Enjoy your day!

    We in Port Dover are just begin-ning our summer season with manyevents still to happen. Please come back and visit when you can seeall our shops, restaurants, the beach and everything else that wehave to offer.

    In a couple of weeks we have our annual Canada Day celebrationsin Port Dover. A celebration that is said to have begun in 1867, itcontinues today with a calithumpian parade, boat parade, soap boxderby, dog show, live music and ending with a beautiful fireworksdisplay. All through July and August you can attend at Powell Parkbandstand

    where a variety of musicians will strut their stuff for yourapproval. The weekend of July 19th and 20th just outside of townwill feature the 1st Norfolk N Blues Festival with several greatartists (see page 15).

    The third weekend in August is our long-running Summer Festival,which has many artists and craft-ers displaying their wares inPowell Park.

    That same third Saturday in Au-gust is also the annual GirlzRide to Dover. You can find that group on Facebook. Elaina from OnThe Fringe helps host that ride.

    Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there -- have a greatweek-end. Perhaps you will continue your weekend after Port Doverby attend-ing the annual Harleys by the Beach at the Grand BendMotorplex on Fa-thers Day (see page 23).

    Whatever your summer brings for you, ride safely. Have awonder-ful day!

    Lynn SonnenbergPublication Co-ordinator

    Welcome to Port Dover

    Community Living selling Friday the 13thLottery Calendar with$8,000 in prizes

    Community Living Access Support Services provides support toadults in the community with a developmental

    disability. You can support this groups community work, receivea beautiful Friday the 13th 2015 calendar and have a chance ofwinning some of the over $8,000 in monthly prize money.

    Calendars are just $20 and only 2000 are being sold with goododds of winning a prize. Pick up your calen-dar on Friday the 13thin the drive-way just south of On The Fringe, Main St., Port Dover.All other days, calendars are available at Scotiabank Port Dover,On The Fringe, or call 519-426-0007.

  • 8 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    The second annual Memorial Ride in memory of Steve Mesic will heheld on Saturday, June 21 this year (rain or shine).

    He was a motorcycle enthusiast who died on June 7, 2013 leavinga widow and a young son Domenik Steve Mesic, who was born onlythree months after the incident (born September 24, 2013).Organizers re-port the ride is free, however donations for Stevesyoung sons Education Fund would be appreciated.

    There will be live entertainment and lots of door prizes fromgenerous spon-sors. Best Burn-Out contest prize of $100 has beendonated by Dorr Enterprises Motorcycles.

    Starting point for Memory Ride for Steve Mesic is T. B.McQuesten Park at Upper Wentworth and the Lincoln Alex-anderParkway in Hamilton. Registration starts at 10:30 a.m. andkickstands up at 12 noon. Destination is Suck Bang Blow bar andrestaurant located at Highway 20 E, Stoney Creek, ride isapproximately one hour and 20 minutes (60 miles).

    Organizers report all vehicles and ev-eryone are welcome, sayingcome and join the party.

    For more information and details, vis-itwww.rememberingstevemesic.ca

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)

    Mike Boehnert, who works in maintenance at Dover Cliffs LongTerm Care, rides a 2008 Triumph Speedmaster. The Nanticoke residentenjoys rid-ing along the lake to Long Point and has alsopar-ticipated in the Ride for Sight fundraiser. He is lookingforward to attending another Friday 13th.

    Builds big bikes in Boston, Ont.

    Norm Dorr has been riding and

    repairing motorcycles since 1966. He is an inter-provinciallicensed automotive and motorcycle tech-nician and also a licensedCWB welder.

    Although Norm lives and breathes motorcycles he has a charitableside. He helps fundraise for the Alzheimers Society of Brant bytaking some of exocen-tric machines to Brantfords Lyn-den Park Mallto talk about bikes and drumming up financial sup-port forAlzheimers.

    On June 7 this year he was a participant in the popular HerosHighway Ride, there were thou-sands of riders. Several years agoNorm learned that some Canadian veterans coming home from over-seaswere having difficulties read-justing so he got involved inCa-nadian Wounded Warriors Fund through his Dorr EnterprisesMotorcycles business. He custom-built a 120-horsepower motorcyclestyled in desert camouflage style as a Tribute to our troops. Moreinfo at www.dorrracing.com

    The late Steve Mesic is pictured on his Military Bobber taken atPort Do-ver on a recent Friday the 13th rally.

    Memorial Ride for Steve Mesicassists young sons educationfund

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 9

    Kevin Jennings of Port Credit started rid-ing mini bikes at theage of eight. Now, some 45 years later, he still rides -- a 2001Yamaha V Star. Kevin says he especially enjoys rides in the Forksof the Credit area, Hockley Val-ley and north of Burlington. Kevinloves to ride and has tattooed on his fingers LIVE RIDE. In 1990,he hit a tractor-trailer truck doing 180 km per hour on hismotorcycle. Mi-raculously, Kevin survived and spent a yearrecovering. He now works as a truck driver trainer where he puts alot of emphasis on the safety component.

    Barry Stock of Three Days Grace expected at Friday the 13th

    Barry Stock, guitarist with the multi-platinum selling andaward-winning recording artist Three Days Grace is expected to bemaking an appearance at Friday the 13th in Port Dover.

    Barry is also the owner of MEAN Clothing Company, which has abooth at this years event, in the Giant Tiger parking lot. Everyoneis invited to visit their booth on Friday where you will have theopportunity to meet MEAN model Jessika Violet.

    Everyone can also enter a free draw for a MEAN skateboard and a$100 shop-ping spree at MEAN Clothing Company onlinewww.meanclothing.com. MEAN Clothing will be offering a limitedquan-tity of MEAN Friday the 13th shirts for men and women.

    MEAN. It was more than just a word to Barry when he stuck it onhis gui-tar the day of the Home video shoot

    back in 2004. He says it meant something to him; something ofgreat power. It signified strength, and it signified perseverance.MEAN was a declaration of Barrys state of being and of his mentalattitude. Fueled by great passion: Music, and an unyielding desireto succeed, it was in the early days of Three Days Grace that Barrydecided to get MEAN.

    Since the inception of MEAN in 2004, the brand has developedinto a clothing com-pany. Barry says that he collaborated withother creative people and came up with ba-

    dass designs, then printed them on shirts and hats, and mainlygave them out to fans, friends and musicians over the years.

    MEAN is about being aggressive, in a positive way. It isstrength and confidence. To stand with purpose. It is a take chargementality to go out there and give it your all. It is fired bypassion and the drive to succeed, to accomplish whatever it is youset out to achieve. It is about an excitement for life. Live it,love it, MEAN it. Allow MEAN to inspire you, wear it and MEANit!

  • 10 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)

    OPPcontinueto seekpublicsassistanceto solvefatality

    The Ontario Provincial Police, Norfolk County De-tachment CrimeUnit con-tinues to investigate a fail to remain, fatal motorvehicle collision that occurred on Cockshutt Rd. in the formerWoodhouse Twp. of Norfolk County, Ontario.

    Following Friday the 13th in Port Dover, in the early morninghours of Saturday, May 14, 2011 at approximately 5:17 a.m.,20-year-old Chad Everets, of Port Hope, Ontario, was struck by anunknown ve-hicle on Cockshutt Road. The unknown vehicle neverstopped and left the scene.

    The Norfolk County OPP Crime Unit is continuing to investigateand is remind-ing the public of this inves-tigation and if anyonehas any information to contact the Ontario Provincial Po-lice at1-888-310-1122 or their nearest police authority.

    The OPP are currently following up on information provided bythe public how-ever someone in the com-munity has knowledge of thiscollision and we need them to have the courage to come forward,comments Inspector Zvonko Horvat, Norfolk County OPP De-tachmentCommander.

    Police are asking anyone who may have seen Chad Everets or thesuspect ve-hicle in the early morning hours of May 14, 2011 or whomay have information about this investigation is being asked tocontact the Norfolk County OPP at 1-888-310-1122.

    Should you wish to re-main anonymous, you may call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or leave an anonymous onlinemessage at www.helpsolvecrime.com where you may be eligible toreceive a cash reward of up to $2000.

    Riding for more than 30 years Jim Mason of Port Dover rides withthe Southern Cruisers Norfolk Chapter 399 out of

    Simcoe. Jim, who has been riding for more than 30 years, owns a2002 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. His first bike was a scooterand then a Honda 500. Jim says the Cruisers do an ice-cream ride onThursday nights, often down to Port Burwell and then longer rideson Sundays. His favourite rides are along the lakeshore west toLong Point and east to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Its nice and cool, witha breeze off the lake, he said. Jim also enjoys Americade, which isa week-long event held annually in New York state. It is a great,family oriented event, he said. Jim is retired from the CanadianArmed Forces and Long Point Region Conservation Authority.

    Select ChiropracticDr. Lance Willaert (B. App. Sc., M. ClinChiro, D.C.)

    Port Dover Medical Centre

    807 St. George Street

    T: 519-718-8512

    Located in the

    Port Dover Medical Centre

    807 St. George St, Port Dover


    Willaert Pharmacy


  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 11

    TFX International Moves Them Both.

    TFX International Specialized Vehicle Transport &Storage


    Four Wheels Move the Body. Two Wheels Move the Soul.

    AT THE EVENT! PHOTOS BY EARL HARTLEN www.earlhartlen.com

    Theres nothing else quite like Friday the 13th in Port Dover. Nomatter how many times you have been to the event or seen thepictures, standing in the middle of it and walking down the streetlooking at the bikes is like nothing else anywhere.

  • 12 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    The beaches, ports and villages along Ontarios South Coast, LakeErie, are among the most popular tourist attrac-tions in NorfolkCounty. Visitors enjoy our slow pace and relaxed culture. NorfolkCounty is located near South-ern Ontario cities, Niagara and NewYork State and is a great destination for a biking holiday.

    If youre at Friday the 13th you al-ready know that Port Dover isa must-see destination that is always welcoming to bikers.

    But come back on another day and you can visit LighthouseFestival Theatre and go to the pier and lighthouse for romanticwalks at dusk. You can also take a No-mada tour of Long Point Bay.Dont forget to savour the Lake Erie perch at the Erie Beach Hotel,the Beach House restaurant or any of the more than dozenrestaurants in town.

    Explore all of NorfolkAs a motorcycle rider youll love the

    bends and hills of Norfolk Countys back-roads, frequenting thesmall restaurants and shops in our towns and hamlets.

    Beyond the sun worshippers and skim boarders at our beautifulbeaches, Norfolk

    Coun-ty has other outdoor

    adventures, too. There are zip-line canopy tours and star-gazingat Long Point Eco-Adventures, camping at Sand Hill Park orProvincial Parks in Long Point and Turkey Point, boating, sportfishing and hunting in the waters and marshes of Long Point Bay,plus cycling and hiking on our trails.

    Norfolk County is also home to the Long Point World Biosphere,which attracts many species of migrating birds (and bird-ers) inspring, fall and winter.

    Norfolk has wineries tooWineries are open across Norfolk

    County, featuring award-winning Burning Kiln and Golden Leafvintages. Two new microbreweries, Ramblin Road and Blue Elephant,are brewing local beer.

    Norfolk County farmers are leading growers of many fruits andvegetables, from blueberries and strawberries to sweet corn andpeppers. Peanuts, ginseng and sweet potatoes are also grownhere.

    There are two weekly farmers markets (in Simcoe and Port Dover)and dozens of roadside stands burst-ing with local food, such asThe Cider

    Keg, Houses, The Apple Place, and Matz Fruit Barn. NorfolkCounty restaurants feature much of our flavourful local food anddrink.

    Key festivals include the annual Wild-life Festival (March), Eat& Drink Norfolk (April), Canada Day in Port Dover (July), Tourde Norfolk cycling event (July), Sim-coe Rotary Friendship Festival(August), summer festivals in Port Dover and Tur-key Point(August), Port Rowan Bay Fest (September) Norfolk Studio Tour(Septem-ber), Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show (October),Waterford Pumpkin Festival (October) and Simcoe Christmas Panora-ma(December).

    Norfolk County offers a wide selec-tion of hotels, bed andbreakfasts, private cottage rentals and campgrounds for overnightstays.

    Sergeant Kevin Ferguson of the Nor-folk O.P.P. has been ridingmotorcycles for the past 22 years since the age of 18 and is in his10th year as a Motor Officer, performing general duties pa-trol andVIP escorts. He rides an O.P.P. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. Thefirst O.P.P. motorcycle patrol was introduced in 1928, phased outin 1942 and then re-introduced in 1949.

    Motorcycle officer

    Exploring Norfolk by motorcycleTHE BACK ROADS BECKON

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 13



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    5 or 7 Shieldmost late model cruisers in stock


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  • 14 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    By Heather Walters

    Dave Green knows bikes inside and out. He is theowner/fabricator of DG Custom

    Cycle located at 51999 College Line in Ay-lmer and has beenbuilding and servicing motorcycles since 1996. His son Kyle joinedhim at the shop in 2006 and is a fully li-

    Canadian Sicko was featured in Urban Bagger Magazine.

    Lot Lizard by DG Custom Cycle was featured on cover of MidWestInternational Catalogue.


    > See DG CUSTOM on next page

    Function always a prioritycreating custom choppers

    censed motorcycle mechanic as well as a certified HarleyTechnician.

    Together they stay very busy creating custom choppers andservicing Harleys for clients from all over the country.

    According to Dave, he began tinkering with engines at a veryearly age. He began building customized hot rods (cars and trucks)then eventually transitioned these skills to motorcycles. Hiscreativity and mechanical prowess quickly earned him a name as atop notch builder. He is now well known in the bike world for hismany unique custom designed bikes.

    His builds have been featured in many

    magazines including American Iron, Ur-ban Bagger and BaggerMagazine.

    DG Custom Cycles services range from a quick oil change to thecreation of a one of a kind custom bike, built from the groundup.

    They service Harleys or imports and do performance up-grades ona variety of makes and models.

    Function always takes priority says Green when building custombikes, as bikes are meant to be ridden.

    Greens business has six lifts, a full shop, showroom, a fullparts room and four

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 15

    qualified full time staff. They can claim several best in showtitles both in Can-ada and in the United States and were featuredby Barnett Magazine with a full photo shoot of custom bikes builtby Dave Green and Company during a show in Daytona during DaytonaBike Week. Other accolades include appearances on Biker TV, videosand biker DVDs.

    Each year for the past nine years, DG Custom Cycle organizes afundraising ride in July call a Scoot & Shoot that includes300-plus biker participants. All the money raised during thisday-long event that includes a ride, barbecue, dart throwing, golfand paintballing goes to the Aylmer Youth Optimist Club.

    For more information regarding DG Custom Cycles call519-773-3735 or check out their website at dgcustomcycle.com.



    Lost Souls by DG Custom Cycle of Aylmer at a photo shoot thisyear in Daytona for Hot Bike Magazine.

    > From previous page

    DG Custom Cycle wins awards

  • 16 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)

    By Donna McMillan

    In 2002, Bruce Bissell sug-gested raffling off aHarley-Da-vidson motorcycle to members of the Fenwick Lions Club asa means to raise money for the activities and charities theysup-port.

    They also decided to run a Biketoberfest party to go along withthe drawing of the winning ticket as a thank you for all the

    support they received. Lots of motorcyclists showed

    up, in spite of the inclement Oc-tober weather.

    They moved the event to Sep-tember and it keeps growing everyyear, Bruce said.

    People in his Club thought he was a bit crazy in the beginning,but not anymore. Last, year, Bik-etoberfest in Fenwick drew a crowdof 10,000 to 12,000.

    We expect 14,000 this year.

    Its the last event of the season. Eventually, they hope to

    make Biketoberfest a three day event, he added.

    The kick-off on Friday, Sep-tember 19th is a Ride of theFlags.

    Saturday will see a vendors market 70 to 80 strong that opens at9 a.m., a ride from The Boat House in Chippewa that will takemotorcyclists back to Fen-wick, a show and shine and a raffle of a2014 motorcycle at 6 p.m.

    Entertainment will start at 1:30 p.m. with the Travelling BeerBellies performing. Food will also be available.

    We have good bands. There will be all kinds of food. Biker TVwill be there all day. And, Harley-Davidson will be there too,Bruce said.

    Biketoberfest events are hosted in Centennial Park in Fenwick,which is just a short distance from Niagara Falls.

    In Port Dover, for Friday, June 13, the group will be set up onHarbour Street behind Clares Harley-Davidson, Bruce said. All areinvited to visit and buy a raffle ticket.

    For more information on Bik-etoberfest, visitwww.biketober-fest.ca or call Bruce at 905-892-6004.

    Biketoberfest in Fenwick September 20

    Rob and Sharon Hall of Bay-field are on the street in Port Dovertoday having covered the miles to Port Dover on their 2013Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide.

    They won the bike last year in the Fenwick Lions ClubBik-etoberfest draw. They dont know which of their two tickets wasthe lucky one but the couple intend to keep their prize mo-torcycleand also keep their 2004 Honda Shadow Arrow mo-

    torcycle that Rob described as a poor mans Harley ... but headmitted, Ive always wanted a top line bike with all the bells andwhistles and this one is the Cadillac of Harley-Davidsonmo-torcycles. The prize motorcycle is valued at $48,000.

    Sharon says she is happy rid-ing on the back wherever weve gonein the past eight years. Rob has 25 years experience as a lumbergrader at his day job with a sawmill in Hawkesville.

    Rob and Sharon Hall of Bayfield won this 2013 Harley-DavidsonCVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Also keeping his Honda ShadowArrow, below.

    Couple here with $48,000 prize Harley-Davidson won atFenwick

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 17

    Bikers stories

    By Donna McMillan

    Four years ago, Port Doverite Kelly Fulsom did not own amotorcycle. But, the 47-year-old partner/manager of Port Dover KIAwas doing his research and knew he wanted to find a Harley-DavidsonV-Rod.

    Launched in 2001, this motorcycle was radically different forthe iconic American firm in terms of styling, design andper-formance.

    Kelly found three such used bikes adver-tised and, three yearsago, made the trip to St. Thomas to check out the first one.

    It was covered up in a guys garage. He took the blanket off andI immediately bought it, Kelly said. The 2003 HD VRS-CA V-Rod 100thAnniversary Edition was in mint condition. It still is.

    Kelly couldnt even ride the silver per-formance machine home.The advertised top speed is 218.6 km per hour. I did the weekendmotorcycle training course in St. Thomas, he said. It was the bestthing I ever did. It made me a better bike rider and

    a better car driver. It should be mandatory for everyone.

    Now, Kelly enjoys rides along the lake-shore east and west,noting that he espe-cially loves the ride hugging the shore all theway to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Its a totally different experience.Motorcycling helps me clear my head. I forget about work andeverything else. I love the smell of fresh cut grass whenriding.

    Kelly shared some of the specs of the bike. The engine Harleysfirst produc-tion liquid cooled V-twin, with twin cam-shafts andfour valves for each cylinder, is fed by a powerful fuel-injectionsystem.

    It is built by Porsche, Kelly added. The body is comprised of asteel perimeter up-per frame with hydroformed main rails andbolt-on lower frame rails. The swing arm is one piece of polishedcast alumi-num. The aluminum bodywork is jaw dropping as is themachined aluminum disc wheels.

    Needless to say, Kelly washes the bike after every ride toprevent corrosion and

    Kelly Fulsom, partner/manager of Port Dover KIA with his 100thAnniversary Harley V-Rod.

    Kelly Fulsom rides100th anniversary edition Harley V-Rod

    > See HARLEY V-ROD on next page

  • 18 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    Discover the miles of thrills ahead with the high-performanceexhilaration and control of a Can-Am Spyder RT Roadster. Theexclusive Y-frame design and patented Vehicle Stability Systemallow you to grip the road like never before. Plus, the ACE engineand 6-speed transmission provide the smooth ride and high-torqueyou want to experience the open-air adventure on a whole newlevel.

    Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) All rights reserved.TM, and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates.Products are distributed in the U.S.A. by BRP US Inc.

    14 Regional Road 13, Courtland, ON | 519-688-3278 |www.lockhartsodyssey.ca


    to keep the bike in such beautiful shape. It is a shiny blur onthe road.

    Kelly shared the bike has dual 292 mm disc brakes, each grabbedby a four-piston caliper. The dry weight of the bike is 595 poundsor 270 kg. The seat height is 687 mm or 27.1 in. from theground.

    Although he may not be riding his bike around Port Dover onFriday 13th, Kelly is looking forward to the event. Whether you

    love it or hate it, you need to embrace the day, Kelly said.

    He shuts his KIA dealership down and enjoys the day. Its wellorganized. It is a great day for a town like Dover. People come andspend money and they come back to spend money. Some move here...There are many towns which would love to have this event, he said.He noted that the Board of Trade is one of the groups that does alot for this Friday the 13th.

    > Continued from previous page

    Harley V-Rod anniversary edition Biker stories

    Don & Celia Law ride Harley SportsterDon Law bought his 2005883 Harley-Davidson Sportster last year. It was his first

    bike and he and Celia are enjoying their second season ofriding. The couple, who live in Brantford, said they love thefreedom motorcycling offers. And, they especially enjoy riding intosunsets for the panoramic view of the colourful sky. The couplehave many favourite rides, including trips to Port Dover, downalong the harbour in Burl-ington, Niagara Falls and London. Donsaid he has been attending Friday the 13ths in Port Dover all hislife and plans on coming here for as long as I can ride.

    Information from www.topspeed.com

    The V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition is a tribute to the original2002 V-Rod, the motor-cycle that introduced the liquid-cooledRevo-

    BIKE SPECSlution engine and a new styling direction forHarley-Davidson. Brilliant Silver Pearl bodywork with color-matchedframe are exclusive in the V-Rod line and evokes the anodizedaluminum bodywork of the original V-Rod. Extra chrome and polishedsurfaces dazzle on the engine, exhaust and speed screen.

    The motorcycle is powered by a liquid-cooled, Revolution, 60V-Twin engine with a dis-placement of 1250 cc. The engine puts out125 hp @ 8,250 rpm and 85 ft.lbs of torque at 7000 rpm. Power issent to the rear wheel through a five speed gear box and the fuelconsumption is rated at 37 mpg (city/highway).

    The speed is kept in check by a set of Brem-bo triple-discperformance brakes which also include ABS.

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 19


    6 Wheels 4 Wheels 2 Wheels or No Wheels, ALL ARE WELCOME atSTURGIS CANADA!

    TICKETS ON SALE1.800.503.1921 [emailprotected]www.sturgiscanada.com



    6 Wheels 4 Wheels 2 Wheels or No Wheels, ALL ARE WELCOME atSTURGIS CANADA!


    6 Wheels 4 Wheels 2 Wheels or No Wheels, ALL ARE WELCOME atSTURGIS CANADA!


    Burton Cummings Katey Sagal & The Forest Rangers CannedHeat

    The Stampeders Alias Moxy Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd JerryDoucette Coney Hatch

    Alkatine Jasmine Cain The Carpet Frogs Teenage Head Me & MaeTopaz

    Stampede Queen The Farrell Webber Band Mike Van Eyes FranklinsDealers


    Sponsored BySponsored By


  • 20 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    By Donna McMillan

    Artist Hendrik Lenis will be introducing and taking orders forhis fifth black and white pencil drawing of Port Dovers Friday 13that the June 13th event this year.

    In the past, the 73-year- old has featured Chris Simons, ThongMan, The Zoo and The Puz-zle in his celebration of the eventseries, which dates back to the 90s.

    This years work will feature a well known at-tendee at theevent, Wendy Newton, also referred to as Zebra Lady.

    Im not a motorcycle afi-cionado, Hendrik told the paper. But, helived locally as a child and then was a resident in the 1990s whenhe also ran the Port Dover Art Gallery. He raised his

    Send us your comments about the dayWed love to hear fromyou...

    [emailprotected]facebook.com/fridaythe13thportdover Wendy Newton, in Zebra print,will be featured in Hendrik Lenis newest print. This pic-

    ture was taken in 2012 and Wendy was riding her custom painted2002 Kawasaki Nomad.

    Hendrik Lenis celebrates Friday the 13thwith pencil drawings ofthe memorable day

    > Continued on page 21

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 21

    Bill Penner enjoys lakeshore rides on his Nomad

    Bill Penner of St. Thomas first started riding motorcycles inthe 80s. His first bike was a Yamaha.

    The truck driver, with Elgin Motors Freight of London, thenstopped for a number of years.

    Three years ago, with the kids grown and the house paid for, hede-cided it was time to start riding again. He bought his 2005Kawasaki Nomad in London.

    Bill said his favourite rides are north of the lake to Bayfieldand along the lakeshore to Port Dover.

    daughter, Amber, in the port town. So, the artist wanted tocelebrate the

    event with his artwork. Hendrik now lives in Brantford, butconsiders Port Dover his second home. He visits frequently and hasartwork on display in many locations, in-cluding the Port DoverHarbour Museum, The Fishermans Catch and The Dairy Bar.

    On Friday 13th, Hendrik will be set up with his finely detailedprints in front

    > From previous page

    of The Twisted Fish. His work can also be purchased through heand business partner Barbara Tanner-Billings websitewww.fridaythe13thpublishing.ca

    Barbara told the Maple Leaf this Fri-

    day the 13th, with the expected warm June temperatures, is agood opportunity for purchasers to meet the artist. The pen and inkof Wendy is called Iron Zebra, she said.

    Friday the 13thinspires artist tocreate drawings

    Artist Hendrik Lenis meets Thong Man one of the subjects of hisblack and white drawings.

    Hendrik Lenis will introduce his fifth Friday the 13th drawingat this years Friday the 13th.

    Friday the 13thTRIVIAIf you dont arrive by motorcycle, trafficinto Port Dover is restricted on Friday the 13ths in good weatherbut Port Dover resi-dents have received a Resident Pass that allowsthem past police roadblocks.

  • 22 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    ONLY ME. If it was going to happen to somebody, of course itwould end up being me.

    All I really wanted a nice quiet morning to myself to wander thestreets of Port Dover and soak in the moment.

    Celebrate it. Breathe it in along with the crisp

    autumn air and the scent of bike fumes wafting in thebreeze.

    Pulling out of my driveway shortly before 6 a.m. (forSeptem-bers Friday the Thirteenth), I chased and raced the sunriseall the way to Dover. It was cold and windy, but I didnt care; Iwas on my way to Friday the Thirteenth celebrations and nothing wasgoing to dampen my enthusiasm.

    I managed to find a great place to leave Ruby (my 2007 redYamaha VStar 650 Custom) and made my way from under the shade ofthe towering tree and down the hill to-wards the Tim Hortons at theend of the street.

    What a perfect spot to park the bike, I remember thinking tomyself.

    It was shortly before 7 a.m. and

    the streets were still fairly quiet. Ruby was on her own, rightnext to a driveway, and I figured that she would eventually haveother bikes to keep her company.

    I wandered up and down the main street, then down and aroundwhere

    vendors were still in the process of setting up along thepier.

    I grabbed a coffee and found a nice, grassy spot to sit andwatch the now-steady stream of bikes coming over the bridge andinto town.




    HWY #54

    4TH LINE

    5TH LINE

    6TH LINE

    To Hwy #6

    To Hwy #6




    To Brantford To Caledonia





    d Rd


    Lowest Prices

    Quality Equipment

    Expert Advice

    Don't Get Caught With


    2158 Chiefswood Road

    Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada

    2158 Chiefswood Road

    Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada

    Don't Get Caught With


    OHSWEKEN (519) 445-2275OHSWEKEN (519) 445-2275



    Mon. to Fri. 10a.m.-6p.m.

    Saturday Noon-6p.m.

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)

    Ruby is Kats 2007 red Yamaha VStar 650 Custom. Her story ofcoming to the last Friday the 13th started before 6 a.m.

    If it was going to happen to somebody...A CASABLANCA MOMENT FORKAT

    What were the odds that Thong Man would pull up and park besideme?

    > Continued on next page

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 23

    All I could hear echoing through my mind as I left Dover thatnight was the sound of a certain famous line from Casa-blanca(slightly modified, of course): Out of all the places in all ofPort Dover that there were to park a bike, he parked next tomine.

    It certainly made what was a fantastic day of firsts for me thatmuch more mem-orable.

    Yep, if it was going to happen to some-body, leave it to happento me. And you know what? I wouldnt have had it any oth-er way.

    KimberleeAnna Taplay (aka KAT) is a novice biker with the heartof a seasoned one. You can reach Kat at [emailprotected]


    David A. Zuber, LL.B.Certified as a Specialist in CivilLitigation

    Free Consultation

    Personal Injury

    Disability Claims

    Medical Malpractice

    Tel: 416.362.5005

    Fax: 416.362.5289

    Email: [emailprotected]

    Website: www.zubco.com

    Zuber Company& LLP

    I could have sat there for hours, you know. With my eyes closed.Just listen-ing. Theres something about the sound of a motorcyclethat touches me deep in my soul: Its the sound of adventure andfreedom and independence; of my lying-in-wait-for-years courage andconfidence sprung to life; of back roads waiting to be explored anda brave new world just wait-ing to be discovered.

    I know we all ride for very different rea-sons. Some of us havebeen doing it since we were teens and then there are those of uswho got a late start at it. Some of us have been surrounded bybikes & riders all our lives, and then there are those who kepttheir deep desire to be a part of this world a secret for years. Itdoesnt matter how or

    why we ride. All that matters is that we do.If Ive learnedanything over the past

    two years, its that riding isnt something that we do, its a partof who we are. It runs through our veins. Its our motivation andour relaxation and our therapy.

    I found myself smiling as I wandered through the park, past thevendors and the food booths, making my way back to Ruby and thesource of many of my smiles over the peceeding four months. Eventhe side streets my street included were fill-ing fast with ridesand riders of all shapes and sizes. Men and women. Two-up and ontheir own. Cruisers and crotch rockets.

    I squinted and peered down the street.Looks like Rubys gotcompany, I mused. I raised my camera to take a picture of

    ... of course it would end up being me!

    Thong Man gets a little help from his hon-ey preparing his nextoutfit at Septembers Friday the 13th in Port Dover.

    the bike parked next to her. I wasnt exactly sure what kind ofbike it was, but it sure looked interesting.

    Custom, I thought. Handlebars that were sort of apes. A furblanket or some-thing thrown over the seat. Funky-looking bullhorns on the front.

    A man and woman were standing there talking to each other and Ismiled as I ap-proached.

    Hello! I sang out as I snapped a few pic-tures. Thats a mightyinteresting-looking bike.

    We chatted for a few minutes and when I asked him if he came tomany of these events, he grinned slyly and asked, You dont know whoI am, do you?

    I tilted my head and looked at him a little more closely. No, Imsorry Im afraid I dont. Did we meet at one of the bike shows? Iasked.

    The lady beside him laughed good-naturedly. I dont think so,dear, she an-swered.

    He grinned again and leaned in closely, whispering in my earsomething about a wrong man.

    I have you confused with someone else? I asked, thinking he hadsaid some-thing about him being the wrong man.

    No, he laughed in reply. Not wrong man. THONG Man.

    I gasped and turned about fifty shades of red.

    Oh my gosh! I exclaimed. I didnt rec-ognize you with yourclothes on! I mean er I mean.

    I was blushing about as red as Ruby.He gave me a big hug andsaid, I like

    you, Miss Kat!Excusing himself, he began getting un-

    dressed behind the bikes and changing into what was the first ofwhat must have been about eight different outfits that day. I dontthink I will ever look at The Energiz-er Bunny, leprechauns,leopard prints or leather in the same way ever again. Ever.

    He and his honey were great parking mates that day. Genuinelyfriendly and authentic, open and full of laughter, and his amazingair of self-confidence were the traits that left a lastingimpression on me that day.

    Kat smiles as she wanders along Main Street at the September2013 Friday the 13th.

  • 24 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)

    Mike Allen of Hamilton has been riding for the past 35 years. Heloves to ride his 2008 Kawasaki Nomad on the Niagara Parkway and tosuch places as Virginia and West Virginia. He has enjoyed PortDovers Friday 13th many times.

    Rob Bussey of Simcoe bought his first bike, a 2003 YamahaV-Star, ten years ago. Formerly of Port Dover, his favourite rideis to cruise along the lakeshore to Long Point. He has also enjoyedparticipating in the Ride for Sight from Vaughn to Orillia. Rob,who works at U.S. Steel, Lake Erie also attends every Friday the13th.

    Bikers stories

    To watcha live streamof Main St.on Fridaythe 13th...get linkat



  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 25

    Bob HampsonFinancial Security Advisor

    33 Woodfield Ave.,

    Townsend, ON N0A 1S0

    Office: 519-587-2972

    Fax: 519-587-5461

    Cell: 519-429-8384

    Toll Free: 1-888-868-3226 Ext. 332


    Client Service Centre: 1-877-566-5433

    A division of London Life Insurance Company

    Freedom 55Financial

    Danny Williams was out for a ride with a friend, en-joying thefair weather that just recently arrived in Port Dover. He has beencoming to Dover on Friday the 13th for over 25 years and says hecan recall when you could actu-ally count the bikes that parkedalong Main Street. This years event should be a doozy if theweather is good, he said and I will be here. Danny rides from St.Thomas.

    Business to Biker B2B. Check these out

    Camp sitesTwo Port Dover service clubs have camping sites

    available Thursday and Friday evenings.Port Dover Kinsmen Clubis operating its tradi-

    tional camping sites in Kinsmen Park fronting on Highway 6 atthe entrance to Port Dover (next to Do-verwood School building).Cost is $20 per person per night. Campers arriving Thursday will becharged for two nights stay. Those who depart before 12 noon onFriday will be eligible for a refund.

    Port Dover Kinsmen offer hot food served by Port Dover Scouts.Also there will be full service rest-rooms including hot showers.Wireless internet is available at Kinsmen Park. A courtesy shuttlefrom Port Dover Kin Park Camp to downtown Port Dover isavailable.

    Port Dover Lions Club is also operating its tradi-tional CampSite at Silver Lake Park on St. Patrick Street (four blocks fromdowntown). Gates open on Thursday, June 12 at 12 noon. Grounds areto be cleared by 12 noon on Saturday, June 14. The Lions operate ona first-come, first served basis with no reservations. Cost is $15per night per person.

    Hard-walled campers and trailers are $20 for the stay plus $15per person per night. Clean washrooms are on the campsite. Securityis provided 24-hours. No campfires are allowed. Hot breakfast isavailable Saturday on site from 8:00 until 10 a.m. at the SilverLake Market building.

  • 26 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)

    By Donna McMillan

    In 1990, Kevin Jennings, of Port Credit hit a tractor-trailerdoing 180 km per hour on his motor-cycle. He spent a yearrecovering and changed his line of work from truck driving to TruckDriver

    Training, with a major emphasis on the safety component.

    The Harley rider has LIVE and RIDE tattooed on his fingers as aconstant reminder of the need to be safe and enjoy riding.

    Nanticoke motorcyclist Jeff Melko, 60, lost a buddy 43 yearsago

    Motorcyclists, left to right, Mike Allen of Hamilton, KevinJennings of Port Credit and Jeff Melko of Nanticoke stand behindthe Port Dover Mo-torcycle Memorial stone at Kinsmen Park. Theyattended the remembrance of fallen motorcyclists service inOctober.

    Annual Motorcycle Memorial Service held near memorial stone atKinsmen Park

    to a drunk driver. Weve all known someone we lost, the HondaState-line 1300 rider told the Maple Leaf at Octobers remembranceservice for fallen motorcyclists.

    Both men, along with about 30 other motorcyclists,representa-tives of the Canadian Motorcycle Association, theChristian Motor-cycle Association and the O.P.P., attended thelocal fourth annual National Day of Remembrance for Road CrashVictims held in the Kinsmen Park, Port Dover in October.

    The National Day of Reme-brance was held in Ottawa on No-vember20.

    In May 2010, a tree was planted at the Port Dover park inremem-brance of fallen riders.

    Later that same year, thanks to support from Sleeman Brewery, amemorial rock was placed in front of the tree as a perpetualmemo-rial to those who died on the road.

    Discs are placed in the rock to indicate the number ofmotorcycle deaths each year, Marilyn Bastedo, CEO of CMAexplained.

    In addressing the group, she said there were far too manyac-cidents in the past year. She noted a number seemed to involvespeed. She encouraged riders to be safe.

    Bryan Ferwerda of the Chris-tian Motorcycle Association read apsalm and urged riders to do due

    diligence, check the checklist, be ready and alert when riding.The

    responsibility is on us to avoid ac-cidents, he said.

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 27

    While on vacation in the Domini-can Republic, Don was wearinghis Fri-day 13th t-shirt. Other tourists were making comments andasking if we were there at bikers day, and behold we saw anothertourist wearing the same shirt. On many occasions peo-ple have comeup to us and asked us about Friday 13th in Dover. The other guysname was Paul.

    -- Don & Darlene Powell

    Chris Lacey rode his bike from Hamilton in a snow storm toattend the last Friday the 13th in December 2013. Im hoping Ill bewarmer in June than I was last Decem-ber, Chris said in hisfacebook post. His bike is shown above ... on the snow coveredparking lot at The Norfolk Tavern.

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)


    Re/Max Erie Shores Realty Inc. Brokerage is bringing the hugeRe/Max hot air balloon to Port Dover on Friday the 13th.

    It will be located on a vacant lot beside Kinsmen Park, at theHighway 6 entrance to town. It is so large it will be impossible tomiss seeing it. Re/Max sales representative Darryl Swarts re-portsit will offer rides up and down in the tethered balloon if weatherconditions permit.

    Mr. Swarts says a donation for the on-going community work ofPort Dover Board of Trade would be appreciated from those luckyenough to get a ride in the balloon.

    Re/Max hot air balloon here

  • 28 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014

    RIDES, FOOD & FUN!Demo Derby, Monster Trucks, Tractor Pull,Concerts, Celebrity Chefs and much more!

    Visit us at NORFOLKCOUNTYFAIR.COM for more details.Follow usonTwitter


    October 7-13, 2014 Simcoe, ON


    October 7-13, 2014 Simcoe, ON October 7-13, 2014 Simcoe, ON

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)


  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 29

    Cheryl and Larry Lampman took advantage of the sunshine Sundayto make the drive from Welland to visit one of their favouritedestinations, Port Dover. Cheryl says in the summer weather she andher husband come as often as once a week. They walk, shop, havecoffee, visit friends, eat and then head home, something they havebeen doing for six years or so now. Both were enthusiasticallyanticipating Friday the 13th this year. Cheryl has only been to theevent once before, as she usually has to work, but this year, madesure she booked that date off.

    Jeanie Gaul and Dwayne Fortman took advantage of recent greatweather and warmer temperatures by getting out on the highway ontheir bikes with a group of friends. They came from Stoney Creek.This is Jeanies first year riding her bike and says the reason shelikes visiting Dover is the atmosphere of fun and the interestingpeople she meets. Dwayne says he has been riding bikes since he was8. He loves coming to Fri-day the 13th each year, weatherpermitting, because he loves looking at all the different types ofmotorcycles, especially the really creative ones, and likes seeingwhat new biker acces-sories are available at the vendors tents.

    Ron Farland says he has been coming to the Port Dover area sincethe late 1950s, and has watched the Friday 13th event grow inpopularity. He will definitely be coming this year in June as it isthe last Friday the 13th event in good weather for quite awhile.His wife Margaret says she loves coming to Dover to shop at theleather stores, eat some perch and walk along the pier. Ron hasmade several long trips on his bike to the west coast.


  • 30 Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014


    Theres something for everyone to enjoy at Friday the 13th.

  • Friday the 13th in Port Dover June 2014 31

    motorcyclesupershow.ca 1-888-661-SHOW (7469)

  • fridaythe13th.ca



    519-583-0023225 MAIN ST.



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