The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (2022)

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (1)

At the end of a particularly stressful day, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as lighting a few candles and taking a nice, hot bath. While bubbles and shower bombs are a great touch, if you really want to elevate your soak session, you’re going to want to throw the best bath salts into the mix. Different types claim to have different benefits, but we’re here to help you narrow down the best ones for the ultimate routine.

What Are Bath Salts?

Unlike many bubble baths or bath bombs, bath salts are made from either Epsom salt (aka magnesium sulfate) or different types of sea salt with beneficial properties. They typically dissolve into the hot water, transforming it into a spa-like experience.

How to Use Bath Salts

While the directions for each brand will be a little different, typically, you should add a few handfuls of bath salt to a tub filled with hot water and let it dissipate. But don’t overdo it: You don’t want to oversaturate the water and end up with salt crystals you’ll have to wash out later. You also don’t want to add so few that you can’t experience the benefits of the salts.

What Do Bath Salts Do?

Bath salts do much more than make your tub smell good. According to experts, the magnesium of epsom salt itself may be able to infiltrate the skin to relieve chronic low back pain and headaches, boost your mood and relieve anxiety. Some even claim that it can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and all-cause mortality.

Other ingredients found in bath salts, such as lavender, rose, chamomile and aloe, which may have anti-inflammatory properties, offer additional advantages that include everything from detoxifying the skin to soothing sore muscles. Plus, you can even add essential oils to them for various aromatherapy benefits. Talk about the perfect way to treat yourself after a long day!

To help you figure out which ones to add to your next bath, we’ve done the deep research into the claims (and even tested some brands ourselves) to find out which ones are actually worth buying. Here are our recommendations.

The Best Bath Salts at a Glance

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The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (2)

Best Overall Bath Salt


  • Inexpensive

  • Pure Epsom and Himalayan salt


  • Scent can be overwhelming

Dr Teal’s is a big name in the bath salt game. While it may not have the most aesthetically pleasing packaging, the overall quality of this soak is all the reason people need to keep coming back to it again and again for their bath needs. This blend, in particular, is ideal for restoration after a long day. It features Epsom salt for soreness, pink Himalayan salt for recharging and bergamot and orange essential oils for stress.

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$13 at Amazon

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (3)

Best CBD Bath Salts



  • Pricey

With its blend of pink Himalayan salt, arnica, Epsom salts, calendula petals and essential oils, this bath salt mixture is all about deep relaxing—each jar contains 240 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD that will transport you to the land of the chill. One of our writers, while first skeptical of how effective the CBD would be in bath salt form, is now enamored with this find and says it can calm her down in just two minutes. Now, that’s something we all need!

Buy It ($65)

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (4)

Best Himalayan Bath Salt


  • 100 pure Himalayan salt

  • Mineral rich


  • Extra-coarse texture

For the most natural soak, you’re going to want a bath salt in its purest form. This one is made up entirely of 100 percent natural Himalayan salt, which has detoxing, hydrating and relaxing properties. It’s so pure, in fact, that you technically could use this stuff for cooking, though we recommend saving it exclusively for bath time. You can add as much or as little as you like to your tub, depending on how much detoxing you need.

$20 at Amazon

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (5)

Best Bath Salts For Stress


  • Exfoliates like a scrub

  • Decreases stress


  • Expensive

    (Video) How to Do a Spiritual Bath | Remove Toxic/Negative Energy & Become Unblocked | Stayforevertrue

These bath salts from Aveda were designed with stress in mind. They’re packed with lavender, lavandin and clary sage essential oils that will make your tension slip away as you soak. They also contain organic sugar for some additional exfoliation during your bath. The best part, however? The relaxing scents will linger on for hours post-tub for a calming effect that lasts well into the night.

Buy It ($44)

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (6)

Best Moisturizing Bath Salts


  • Inexpensive

  • Shea butter for moisture

  • Smells good


  • Bags don’t zip easily

Not only should a bath salt relax you, but it should also give your skin some much-needed moisture instead of drying it out. This one from Tree Hut is quite popular for these purposes, as it contains shea butter for added hydration. It also features nourishing coconut and lime extract, which will also leave you smelling incredible for hours on end.

$7 at Amazon

Best Bath Salt Gift Set


  • 3 different salt options

  • Pure Himalayan salt

  • Foot lotion and essential oils included


  • Small jars

Sometimes, it can be hard to choose what you want out of your bath salt. Should it be extra relaxing? Detoxing? Simply smell good? With this bath salt gift set, you won’t have to choose. It features pure Himalayan salts infused with lavender, green tea and rose, plus a foot lotion and rose essential oil for the ultimate at-home spa treatment. It also makes for a great gift for anyone who could use some additional self-care in their lives.

$20 at Amazon

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (8)

Most Splurge-Worthy Bath Salts


  • Also works as body scrub

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  • Clean ingredients


  • Expensive

The Indie Lee I-Recover Body Soak may be pricier than some of the others on this list, but you do get more bang for your buck with it. It dissolves like a soothing bath salt in the water, but also works as an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin. It's made with clean ingredients, such as magnesium sulfate, coconut oil, Dead Sea salt and Himalayan salt, plus puff-reducing rosemary, calming lavender and acne-improving sage to give your skin a serious refresh.

Buy It ($42)

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (9)

Most Calming Bath Salts


  • Vegan and cruelty free

  • Two types of salt


  • Only four uses per bottle

Stressful day? The Himalayan pink salt and Pacific sea salt found within this Herbivore bath salt aim to aid in muscle relaxation, while ylang-ylang and vanilla essences go to work calming the nervous system. The result? A feeling of pure euphoric bliss once you leave the tub.

$18 at Amazon

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (10)

Best Detox Bath Salts



  • Single-use

For a more serious soaking session, this Pursoma Digital Detox bath soak will take you to new heights as you put down your phone and dive into a 30-minute bath. It contains sea salt to stimulate circulation and ease sore muscles as well as French green clay, which is meant to soften your skin and draw out toxins. The detox doesn’t end with the bath, though: The brand advises you to lay under a blanket immediately afterward to sweat out even more gunk.

Buy It ($34)

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (11)

Best Bath Salts For Athletes

(Video) The Truth About Himalayan Sea Salt | Joe Rogan


  • Energizing citrus oils

  • Designed to speed up muscle recovery


  • Smell can be strong

An intense workout session calls for some serious attention to one’s muscles. You can forget the ice bath, though: This comforting bath salt mixture has energizing citrus essence to wake you up. It also features magnesium flakes, mineral-rich dead sea salts, vitamin C crystals and pure essential oils—ingredients that are said to reduce inflammation and speed up the post-sweat recovery process.

$25 $23 at Amazon

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (12)

Best Bath Salts for Sensitive Skin


  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin

  • Cruelty free

  • Shea butter for added softness


  • Smaller bag

This mineral soak just might be the ultimate relaxer. It has pink Himalayan salt and Fair Trade shea butter for extra hydration, as well as soothing clary sage and neroli oils to send you into a deep state of relaxation. The bag is on the smaller side, but you only need a couple of small handfuls to get the job done.

$11 at Amazon

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening (13)

Best Foaming Bath Salts


  • Budget-friendly

  • Creates bubbles

  • Fresh floral scent


  • Fragrance lingers in the tub

Want the benefits of a bath salt but the foaming fun of a bubble bath? Look no further than these Dove bath salts. With rose, peony and jasmine petals, this pick will have you feeling like you’re being enveloped in a field of flowers as it soothes your tired, sore muscles. Both sulfate-free and paraben-free, this plant-based option creates a light, bubbly foam while naturally moisturizing your dry, rough skin. As an added bonus, the bottle comes from 100% recycled materials.

Buy It ($6)

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The 12 Best Bath Salts for a Truly Relaxing Evening? ›

  • Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Epsom Salt. ...
  • Green Canyon Pink Himalayan Bath Salt Gift Set. ...
  • Indie Lee I-Recover Body Soak. ...
  • Herbivore Natural Soaking Bath Salts (CALM) ...
  • Pursoma Digital Detox Bath Soak. ...
  • Coach Soak: Muscle Recovery Bath Soak. ...
  • SheaMoisture Relaxing Mineral Soak Bath Salts. ...
  • Dove Renewing Care Foaming Bath Salts.
Sep 14, 2021

What bath salts help you sleep? ›

Epsom and Dead Sea Mineral Salts. With Lavender, Jasmine & Valerian. A bathing ritual before bed can help encourage a deep, restorative night's sleep. SLEEP salts create a fragrant, mineral-infused bath that prepares the mind for a peaceful night ahead.

Can you bathe in Epsom salt every night? ›

How often can you take Epsom salt baths? You can take an Epsom salt bath once a week or every 2 to 3 days.

What's a good bath soak? ›

  • True Botanicals Nature Bathing Forest Bath Soak. ...
  • Shiva Rose Moon Sea Salts. ...
  • Tammy Fender Herbal Clarity Bath Milk. ...
  • Ahava Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts. ...
  • Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts. ...
  • French Girl Menthe / Romarin Sea Soak. ...
  • Herbivore Detox Soaking Salts. ...
  • Spice Beauty Milk & Rose Salt Soak.
Oct 15, 2021

What can you put in your bath water to relax your muscles? ›

The theory is that when you soak in an Epsom salts bath, these get into your body through your skin. That hasn't been proven, but just soaking in warm water can help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. People use Epsom salts baths as a home treatment for: Arthritis pain and swelling.

Are Epsom salts the same as bath salts? ›

What is the difference between Epsom salt and bath salts? Epsom salt contains nothing but the naturally occurring minerals magnesium and sulfate. While bath salts may contain other ingredients as part of a proprietary blend, Epsom salt itself does not.

What can I put in my bath for anxiety? ›

Soothing Baths For Ultimate Stress Relief: The V Edit
  1. EPSOM SALT. This classic ingredient in every bath is likely to be endorsed even by someone as picky as your great-grandma. ...
  2. HEALING HERBS. Taking a bath is more than just a way to relax and let loose. ...
  3. COCONUT OIL. ...
  4. OATMEAL. ...
  5. BAKING SODA. ...
  7. MILK & HONEY. ...
Nov 4, 2020

Why do Epsom salt baths make you tired? ›

Reduce stress

Healthy magnesium levels can boost brain neurotransmitters that are responsible for inducing sleep and reducing stress. Magnesium may also promote melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. People feeling stressed and overwhelmed may benefit from taking an Epsom salt bath.

Do magnesium bath salts help sleep? ›

Benefits of Magnesium Before Bedtime

Various studies show that Magnesium is most effective in reducing anxiety, which is a main source of Insomnia. Add some Magnesium Chloride Flakes to your bath as a pure, natural mineral remedy for all that unsettles you at bedtime.

What is the best soaking salt? ›

Final Verdict. Our best overall pick is Maude Soak Bath Salts, which soothe inflammation and have a hydrating, mineral-rich formula with calming scent options. For a more affordable pick, consider Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, which uses magnesium-rich Epsom salt and softens skin.

What to put in bath to draw out toxins? ›

Mix 1/3 cup of Epsom salt, 1/3 cup of sea salt, and 3 tablespoons of ground ginger. You can also add 1/3 cup of baking soda, if you choose. Pour the mixture into a warm running bath. As the bath fills, add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.

What is the most moisturizing bath soak? ›

The best things to put in your bath for softer skin and aromatherapy
  1. Olive oil. "Pour a cup of olive oil into your bathtub and soak for 10 minutes," says Dr. ...
  2. Flower petals. ...
  3. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil. ...
  4. Rosemary. ...
  5. Citrus. ...
  6. Cinnamon sticks. ...
  7. Oats. ...
  8. Palo Santo or Sage.
May 8, 2020

What can you not mix with Epsom salt? ›

What drugs and food should I avoid while taking Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)? Magnesium sulfate taken orally can make it harder for your body to absorb other medications you take by mouth, especially antibiotics. Avoid taking other medicines within 2 hours before or after you take magnesium sulfate as a laxative.

Should you rinse off after an Epsom salt bath? ›

Insider's takeaway. An Epsom salt bath may relieve pain and discomfort, relax the muscles, and provide stress relief. All you need to do is dissolve about 300 to 600 grams of Epsom salt in the bathtub and sit in it for around 10 to 20 minutes. Make sure to rinse afterward to get rid of excess salt on the skin.

What happens if you soak in Epsom salt too long? ›

Some cases of magnesium overdose have been reported, in which people took too much Epsom salt. Symptoms include nausea, headache, lightheadedness, and flushed skin ( 2 , 10 ). In extreme cases, magnesium overdose can lead to heart problems, coma, paralysis, and death.

How often should a woman take a bath? ›

It may sound counterproductive, but a shower every day could be bad for your skin. Some dermatologists only recommend a shower every other day, or two to three times a week. Many people hit the shower at least once a day, either in the morning or at night before bed.

What does bathing with baking soda do? ›

Soaking in a baking soda bath may help to neutralize the acid in your urine, remove germs, and aid in healing. It may also relieve painful urination. Add 1/4 cup of baking soda to the bath.

How long should you soak in Epsom salts? ›

According to experts, you should be in there for at least 10 minutes. "The amount of time you soak is important because the nutrients need time to take effect. I generally recommend soaking for 10 minutes minimum but closer to 20 or 30 minutes is ideal for most people," says Cole.

Is Himalayan salt better than Epsom salt for bath? ›

Since its magnesium content is higher than that of Himalayan salt, proponents claim Epsom salt baths may be a better way to increase magnesium content in the body. Whichever you choose, both types of baths can promote a relaxing experience.

What do bath salts actually do? ›

High concentrations of salts increase the density of the water and increase buoyancy, which makes the body feel lighter in the bath. Very high concentrations of salts in water are used in many isolation tank therapies.

Does Epsom salt bath detox the liver? ›

Epsom Salt Bath

A sulfate can be absorbed through the skin and it can create toxic impurities within the liver. Soaking in a warm water Epsom salt bath 2-3 times a week can aid your liver in letting loose of those negative toxins. It is beneficial to create a relaxing environment while soaking in Epsom salt.

Are Epsom salt baths good for anxiety? ›

While some experts suggest that stress relief comes from the warm bath itself, others believe Epsom salt helps stabilize mood and relieve stress, anxiety and depression. In fact, some claim that taking magnesium increases serotonin (happiness or relaxation hormone) production in your brain.

Are bath salts Relaxing? ›

They also provide effective relief from joint swelling, soreness and stiffness so are great to use after a workout as they ease tired muscles. Adding them to a night time bath helps create a detoxifying, deeply relaxing soak that will leave you rested, eased and ready for bed.

What to put in bath to draw out toxins? ›

Mix 1/3 cup of Epsom salt, 1/3 cup of sea salt, and 3 tablespoons of ground ginger. You can also add 1/3 cup of baking soda, if you choose. Pour the mixture into a warm running bath. As the bath fills, add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.

What is Himalayan bath salt good for? ›

Adding Himalayan salt to your bath is an effective way of treating skin conditions in hard to reach areas. The salt can help reduce the irritation, redness and scaling of eczema and psoriasis to name a few. Himalayan salt baths also are known to treat acne.


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